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Over the last 30 years, Aloha Pools Inc. has come up with a very specific 25-step quality control construction process. Our process helps ensure that from start to finish, every project turns out exactly the way the homeowner wants it to. 
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Our 25-Step Process

  1. Fact-finding meeting and initial site analysis are completed.
  2. Detailed design plan is drafted and presented to the homeowner.
  3. Detailed cost estimate is prepared and presented to the homeowner.
  4. Following homeowner approval, construction plans are finalized and necessary permits are obtained. 
  5. Necessary site prep and layout are completed, and construction begins. 
  6. Checkpoint #1: After the pool area is defined with stakes or lines, homeowner meets with construction manager and designer to verify actual size, configuration, placement, depth and height of all design features.
  7. Forming and excavation work begins. 
  8. Steel bars are placed on the walls, floor, and beam of the pool and are used to reinforce the structure of the swimming pool and maintain structural integrity.
  9. Electrical bonding work is done with county inspection.
  10. Plumbing behind the steel framework is installed. 
  11. Checkpoint #2: Construction manager and homeowner double check things such as light, bench and step placement prior to the gunite installation. 
  12. Gunite is sprayed all over the pool with a large hose. 
  13. Gunite shell is leveled, smoothed and sealed in preparation for tile application.  
  14. Licensed electricians install wiring that runs the pool’s lights, pumps, heaters, time clocks, and remote controls.
  15. If the homeowner purchased a heater, a licensed gas plumber will dig a trench from the existing gas meter to the pool heater.
  16. All open trenches, exposed piping, conduit and piles of dirt are leveled.
  17. Checkpoint #3: Construction manager completes a walkthrough with the homeowner to mark out where the patios will be installed. This is an ideal time for the homeowner to ask questions and make suggestions for the design. 
  18. Drainage system and reinforced steel is installed, and decking is poured and expansion joints are placed to allow for ground movement and to minimize cracking. 
  19. Debris is removed to prepare for interior finish and final site cleaning. 
  20. The final interior finish is completed. 
  21. The pool is filled with water, systems are turned on and the pool’s water chemistry is stabilized. 
  22. Orientation meeting is set up with the homeowner to go over pool operating information. 
  23. The county inspector looks over all of work and gives the stamp of approval. 
  24. Acrylic kool deck is applied to ensure no unnecessary debris needed to be cleaned from the new deck surface. 
  25. Landscaping and fencing installation work is completed by outside companies. 

Now, it’s time to finally enjoy your new pool!

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