Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much does a gunite pool cost?
A – Entry level pricing for custom gunite pools starts at $34,000.
Q – Does Aloha Pools Inc. offer financing options?
A – Yes; your pool is an investment that will bring many years of entertainment to your family and friends and will also aid in the resale value of your home. Aloha Pools has partnered with several home improvement lending companies in the United States. All financing options include a 48-hour application process and offer competitive rates and repayment structures.
Q – How do I know what type of pool will work in my backyard?
A - A design consultant from Aloha Pools can help you design the perfect pool to meet your needs. With your input plus the knowledge and creativity of our team, we can put together a package that meets or exceeds your expectations. 
Q – Is there anything I should consider when purchasing a new property in the Charlotte area, as it pertains to the addition of a pool or spa project?
A - If you even think you would like to own a pool someday, do not purchase property without consulting a pool building professional. Aloha Pools has constructed hundreds of pools in the Charlotte area and is aware of setbacks and restrictions, including neighborhood requirements, national building codes, septic system placement, public utility easements or Duke watershed issues.
Q - Is my backyard big enough?
A - Smaller backyards can often accommodate small pools and swim-in-place systems. We have built many pools in larger areas that measure up to 2,400 sq. ft. Our team can custom design a project for practically any backyard.
Q - How long does it typically take to build a pool?
A - It is difficult to quote an exact time frame for pool construction. Many factors can affect us, including weather delays, project complexity, city inspections, financing issues, etc. Typically, we complete most of our pools in 6 to 8 weeks.
Q - How soon can you start construction on my pool? 
A – Before Aloha Pools can begin construction municipal and HOA approvals must be granted. Upon approval, construction will begin within 10 days.

Choosing the Right Type of Pool for Your Property

Q – What is the difference between a vinyl pool and a gunite pool?
A – Like a fiberglass pool, the initial investment is less than that of a gunite pool. Due to the weakness in the durability of the vinyl liner, often a homeowner will end up spending the same amount after several liner replacements. A vinyl pool is also limited in look and shape, and unlike a gunite pool, does not retain its value as well.
Q – What is the difference between a fiberglass pool and a gunite pool?
A – While a fiberglass pool is cheaper than a gunite pool; fiberglass restricts the builder’s ability to provide custom shapes and features.
Q – What the difference between a pebble tec type surface and a plaster surface?
A – Traditional plaster surfaces are composed of Portland cement and crushed marble fines, and smooth by nature. They are available in many colors, through the addition of color pigments. A pebble tec type finish is an exposed aggregate, meaning there are small rocks embedded in the finish. While this surface provides a beautiful look, it tends to be rougher on the feet than a traditional plaster surface. Both of these finishes can easily last up to 20 years, but it depends on proper water chemistry.

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